We are a local construction company who has been focusing on building and equipments maintenance, reform, construction works since 1985. Our company has been cherished by local customers for many years. with our staff can provide flexible service to solve emergence problems. Our customer's needs drive us to improve daily our services. We are proud to provide a friendly environment for the people we work with.

Company philosophy

"all your needs build by our hands". We create an environment to achieve through the hopes and needs of consumers and contribute to regional development.

We provide building reform and maintenance work on customer's needs for an easy living environment. We are proud of creating comfortable and convenient lifestyles for local people.

Our Strength and goals

We pursue "Sincerity" and "Trust" to build an "Attractive Company". We always act with the knowledge required for our works, thinking one step ahead, to reach the best solution. Our staffs aim to be an expert who can quickly respond to general construction works on site from earthwork to laying drainage pipes, air conditioning facilities, and electric wiring work without asking to each specialized company.

However, we're not just satisfied with our efficiency allow us to strictly observe our deadlines, granting comfort and satisfaction of our customers through each of our works. We hope to gain the trust of the regional community and be recognized as a reliable company.

Company profile

Company Name Iwahara Co., LTD
Address Oikawa2-23-12, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 243-0212
Tel: 0462-80-6640 Fax: 0462-80-6641
President Mutsuo Iwahara
Established 1985
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Board member enior executive director: Masahiro Iwahara
Director: Yosuke Tokunaga
Other Staff 6
Part and workman few
License 神奈川県知事(般-19)第 66601号
Date of authorization July 1998
Certificate First-class registered architect 1 member
Second-class registered architect 1 member

Business outline

Our company constantly strives to adapt with construction and friendly attitudes, building trust and confidence of our customers with the motto "it's safe with Iwahara". We feel it is our mission to improve our environment, releasing the shackles of inconvenience and subjection found in our homes and neighborhoods.

Renewal works

It is necessary to correspond to secure asset value of the building and equipment by not only by repairing physical deterioration but also to updating the social need to the quality of the building every year.

We provide investigation and diagnosis of the building based on customer long-term maintenance plan, depending of the results, we propose our renewal plan to achieve the reproduction and improvement of the total performance and value of the customers building or equipment.

Sanitary works

Stable water supply is necessary and indispensable for people who live there comfortably.
We provide installation and exchange works for inside and outside water supply, hot water construction, hygiene equipment, etc.

Air-condition equipment works

Air-conditioning ventilation equipment is to keeping the comfort by the space and each purpose in the building.
We propose safer, comfortable living conditions by constructing an efficient system in consideration of the global environment.

Exterior gardening works

We provide exterior and garden making ideas work in considering of the condition of the building and ambient surrounding to our customer's satisfaction.
It is involved in the total work from design to the execution management.

Public Works

From public works to private sector construction, our company conducts a broad range of construction including temporary building enclosure, construction stand, housing land development, pavement, and the retaining wall construction.

Machine equipment maintenance works

We provide maintenance works for machine and parts resource for valves and pumps.

Life supports

Whenever it's renovation and kitchen, bathroom or toilet repair; or extensions, alterations, or even creation of a barrier free environment about the home, cleaning, moving etc, do not hesitate to give us a call.
We provide all supports for overall inconveniently of daily life.

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